Capacitive liquid level sensor KLC1

Functional Description

KLC detects the presence /  absence of water or similar liquids in a tank of non-conductive material (ABS plastic, acrylic…). The sensor uses non-contact capacitive technology and is designed to detect liquids through a wall of a non-metallic tank.

Application fields

  • Fluid level control
  • Non-contact liquid detection
  • Particularly useful for removable tank
  • suitable for food liquid

Main features

  • Sensor housing material: black PPS or PP
  • Power supply: 9-30VDC
  • Cable length: customizable , connector options available
  • Liquidless signal transistor output type, open collector NPN, PNP, NO, NC
  • Liquid level signalling through multi-colored LEDs visible on the rear caps
  • Sensor fixing using  the holes on the body or with fast-removing fixing system of the sensor
  • Temperature compensation