Battery charger NBCDC12V4B

Functionl description

The NBCDC12V4B is a complete solution to use only one product to control and charge four 12V / 7.2 Ah lead-acid battery. The batteries are recharged and monitored independently even when they are connected in series. This product uses a DC power supply therefore it is particularly suitable in applications related to renewable energy such as photovoltaic cells.

Application fields

  • Elevators communication system
  • Elevators rescue system
  • Industrial back-up systems
  • Photovoltaic Solar cells applications

Main features

  • Power supply: 12÷32 Vdc
  • Battery type: 12V / 7.2 Ah lead-acid
  • Battery charger voltage: 13.6V
  • Battery charger current: 0.3A
  • Battery monitoring optoisolated outputs to signal the battery status