1987 Foundation
STEM company was founded in 1987 by Piero Giuseppe Moro and his wife Ernestina Castoldi. The main activity was the resale of electrical components for the construction of machines such as mechanical limit switches, transformers, buttons and so on.
1988 Production Start of Magnetic Sensors
The considerable know-how of the market gained by Mr. Moro has suggested the possibility of introducing the magnetic sensor reed contact as an alternative to the traditional mechanical switches in all applications in which it was necessary to protect electrical components from dust and moisture. The application of the magnetic sensor also permitted to simplify the operations of assembly and calibration on the machines and ensured the possibility of improving the overall aesthetics and functionality.
1990 Moving from Pavia to Cura Carpignano
Good sales performance of the magnetic sensors require transfer to a new manufacturing building, larger and able to the meet increasing future demands.
1991 Production Start of Electromagnetic Float Switches
Thanks to the technical experience gained with the construction of magnetic sensors, STEM start the production of an electromagnetic float level switches; devices that are able to control the presence of a liquid in a simple and economical way.
1992 Production start of Lift Control Magnetic Sensors
By partnering with a company manufacturer of elevators, STEM starts the production of suitable magnetic sensors to monitor the position of the lift car; the many advantages in the use of magnetic sensors allowed to be used by a growing number of lift manufacturers and installers and so, this become a leading product of the STEM production allowing the start a significant export to many countries.
1997 ISO 9000 Quality Certification
The acquisition of foreign and multinational customers, and the desire for continuous improvement has led to the choice to introduce a quality certification according to the ISO 9000 standards. The certification was reached by DNV Italy the October 13, 1998.
1999 Moving in the New Factory of Prado
The growing increase in production has made necessary the construction of a new factory that could guarantee a more rational allocation of spaces and the use of new and more advanced equipment.
2000 Production Start of Safety Systems
The diffusion and implementation of new technical standards on safety, creates new market opportunities and the chance to develop safety systems using magnetic sensors. The experience gained on standard sensors and the new available resources allow the design and realization of safety systems adding to the encoded contactless magnetic sensors also their respective electronic control units.
2002 Factory extension with surface doubling
STEM steady growth of has made necessary an enlargement of the factory to better support the growth of production, this action led to a doubling of the production area and the construction of a two floors office building. The more rational allocation of space and the use of new and more advanced equipment have ensured a steady increase in production capacity and increasing production control: essential to ensure the best quality products.
The new facility allows an adequate production capacity to fulfill different needs and products typology. The new facility also hosts an R&D laboratory capable to lead to the creation of new products in shorter times.
The new facility works with the aid of sophisticated design tools and equipment to perform tests for reliability, durability and safety beyond what is necessary to meet the requirements of European Union directives.
2007 20th Anniversary
The STEM twentieth anniversary celebrates a company in full health, with turnover ascending and well balanced. The level of STEM exported products has reached a record level of 50% of the turnover and are currently served more than 70 countries around the world.
2010 Construction of a second production building
The 2009 economic crisis led to the closing of some of our suppliers and third party firms, for this reason we decided to invest in a new facility suitable to realize all the subassemblies needed to produce sensors. The new structure allows STEM to be more flexible to meet individual requests for customization of products and also provides improved production efficiency and more restrictive quality control.
2012 25th Anniversary
STEM in this year celebrates its first quarter of century, the company defended itself from the dangers of the economic crisis, still realizing increase in turnover. The policy of offering our customers not only a product but a service has proven to be successful.
2017 30th Anniversary
STEM celebrates its first thirty years of activity. The strategy to offer customers a 360° service was inning and leads to significant turnover increases and an expansion of existing markets. STEM has also added to its products range a series of ATEX-approved magnetic sensors that will provide a further boost to the company by opening up new markets.

Headquarter - Offices and Production

Headquarter - Offices and Production

Secondary Facility - Production

Secondary Facility - Production

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Position Angular Sensor KSA

The STEM sensor detects the absolute angular position of a permanent magnet, typically a diametrically magnetized cylinder on a rotating shaft. Fast data acquisition and processing provide accurate angle measurement.


Safety Control Unit for Lifts with Voltage Dips Protection


Safety Control Unit for Mats and Edges