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Position Angular Sensor KSA

Sensor that detects the absolute angular position of a permanent magnet diametrically magnetized.

Programmable Multi-Position Limit Switch Sensor KSI

Programmable Multi-Position Limit Switch Sensor KSI

NC80 - NC82

Safety Control Unit for Levelling


Safety Control Unit for Lifts with Voltage Dips Protection


Safety Control Unit for Mats and Edges

N557 HD/HE Sensor ATEX
M151 Magnet
NC97-NC97 01 Safety Control Unit

Rectangular shaped contactless coded sensors ATEX with holes for fixing screws.

E53H LC - Linear Hall Effect Sensor

Magnetic Linear Hall Effect Sensor

NBC 12V 4B - Battery Charger

4 Batteries Version

NCBM 01 - A3 Monitoring Unit

The control unit NCBM 01 can be used to realize the automatic monitoring systems of a built in redundancy devices, as requested by A3 (EN81 and EN81-1-2).



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