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Company STEM S.r.l. was founded in year 1987 and started its production activity in year 1988 with the manufacturing of proximity magnetic sensors, magnetic units and float level switches for industrial applications.

The current production development has offered its customers a wide choice of new models to meet the most varied needs and has allowed to add to the initial products also the range of lift control sensors and magnetic safety systems.

In year 1999, the headquarter was moved to a new factory building that best favored the growth of production. The most rational division of spaces and the use of new and more advanced equipment have ensured a steady increase in production capacity and an ever-increasing control of the production to ensure the highest quality.

In year 2002, a factory extension was done, which led to a doubling of the production area and the construction of a two-floor office building. The existing plant allows a production capacity that is appropriate to the different needs and types of products, and has also enabled a research and development lab that will lead to the design of new products in a shorter timeframe. The new structure works with sophisticated design tools and equipment to perform reliability, durability and safety, in addition to what is needed to meet the requirements of the European Community Directives.

The quality of the STEM product is guaranteed by the ISO 9001: 2008 certification (Issued by DNV Italia in 1997) and product approvals issued by VDE, TUV, IMQ, UL.

The market to which STEM s.r.l. refer consists mainly of fairly balanced domestic and foreign companies in the industrial and lift market.

STEM export rate has reached the 60% of the turnover and currently serves more than 70 countries around the world.

Name of the Company STEM S.r.l.
Headquarters Via Della Meccanica, 2 27010 Cura Carpignano Pavia ITALIA
Year of foundation 1987
Directors Moro Piero Giuseppe, Castoldi Ernestina, Moro Enea, Moro Simone
Number of employees 50
Quality Certifications UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
Other Facilities Via dell'Elettronica, 60 27010 Cura Carpignano Pavia ITALIA
Sector Industry
Product lines Safety, Industrial, Automation, Lift
Capitale Sociale 100.000 € i.v.
VAT number IT0126 9760185
Companies Register 7066 PAVIA
REA 175532 PAVIA
ISTAT e ATECO codes Cod. ISTAT: 33201 - Cod. ATECO: 27.9
Internet website and e-mail address http://www.stemsrl.it - stem@stemsrl.it
Phone / FAX Tel.+39.0382.583011 - Fax.+39.0382.583058

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